Many animals in Neumünster Zoo have big fans!

Who isn't enchanted when they look into the sweet eyes of the seals or watch the mighty polar bear feeding?!

Seien Sie dabei!

Do you have a favourite animal at the zoo yourself or would you like to surprise someone with a sponsorship as a gift? Then the zoo offers you the opportunity to sponsor an animal! Support the zoo for a year with a financial donation! You will then generously cover part of the sponsored animal's food costs.

Take a look at our flyer for more information:

Only as an animal sponsor can you book an exclusive "sponsored tour" of your favourite animal. The animal keepers give you an exclusive look behind the scenes and, if you wish, you can get very close to your sponsored animal for those animals where direct contact is not dangerous.

Participants: can only be booked  for animal sponsors - max. 2 people
Sponsor tour: Cost: €40 plus admission to the zoo
Duration: 30 minutes

Registration: at least 4 weeks in advance on the desired date

Please arrange a preferred date at least 4 weeks in advance, as the zoo team also has to schedule the sponsored tour.

The event costs (€40) must be paid in advance. When making a bank transfer, please note the surname of the person registering, the date and the words "Patenführung". Please do not pay via Paypal, as this will incur additional costs. Cancellations up to 24 hours before the start of the event are free of charge. In the event of cancellation at short notice, the costs for the event will be charged.

We will be happy to inform you.

If you are interested in adopting an animal, please contact us directly. Under the telephone number: +49 4321 51402 or by e-mail:  

Thank you for your support!



By sponsoring wild insects, you support Neumünster Zoo in its many projects to create and maintain a suitable habitat for wild insects in a sustainable way and to organise a wide range of educational work.

All wild insect sponsorship funds are used exclusively for these projects.

The sponsorship runs for one year, you will receive a sponsorship certificate and, if you wish, you will be mentioned by name on one of the sponsorship plaques directly on the butterfly meadow or on the beehives.

With your support, you can create and maintain habitats for native wild insects.

Because wild insect conservation concerns us all!

Request animal sponsorship for bees (German)


Bank account details

VR Bank zwischen den Meeren eG: IBAN: DE64 2139 0008 0003 0015 71

Sparkasse Südholstein: IBAN: DE54 2305 1030 0000 1470 44

Please note the surname of the applicant, the date and the note "Patenschaft" on the bank transfer.

Your sponsorship!

Be there and support us!