The adventure playground in the zoo

Ideal for running around and running

One of the best experiences for the children lies at the end of their visit to the zoo: our playground! Generations of children have romped around, swung and climbed high here.

Our large adventure playground at the exit of the zoo is conveniently located right next to our bistro, so that the adults can eat in peace while the little ones experience their first adventures on the pirate cog.

Because it is divided into many smaller areas, the spacious play area offers optimal conditions for children to let their imaginations run wild.

Whether you first board the pirate cog or prefer to dig a pit with the electric excavator, you can play to your heart's content. Experience the speed with the cable car or swing around in peace and quiet?

There are also special baby swings for the very little ones that ensure safe rocking. For children and young people who find it difficult to sit independently, there is a lounger swing near the Chinchilla House. This was only installed slightly outside so that easy accessibility with a wheelchair could be ensured via the fixed access path.

Time flies in the adventure playground!

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