Dogs are welcome

An animalistic dog experience

Dogs are generally allowed in the zoo!

We hope that you and your four-legged friend will have a great time with us. We therefore ask you to observe the following house rules to ensure good co-operation:

  • all dogs must be kept on a lead for safety reasons
  • please watch out for other dogs in the zoo, dogs are not always compatible with each other
  • please make sure that your dog does not have any contact with our animals
  • please note that we also have free-roaming animals (especially poultry) in the zoo. Therefore, please keep a close eye on your dog so that there are no unpleasant "collisions"
  • please show understanding towards our other visitors that they may not want to have contact with your four-legged friend or may even have an allergic reaction to it
  • please pay particular attention to children who may frighten your dog or who may be afraid of your dog


For safety reasons, the following areas may NOT be entered with dogs:

  • Petting meadow at the Geesthof 
  • Fallow deer enclosure (accessible)
  • Barbary macaque enclosure (accessible) 
  • House at the monkey forest

The walk-in enclosures in particular are dangerous for your dog!

For the welfare of your animal, we urge you to refrain from taking smaller dogs into the walk-through enclosures in a rucksack or bag! Our animals do not like "intruders" in their territories and sometimes defend them very vehemently. You are putting yourself and your dog at risk. As we do not want anything to happen to your dog, we ask you to comply with these regulations.

A visit to the zoo is often very exciting for dogs, and in some cases can be stressful for your pet. Please make sure that your dog drinks enough, especially in summer. Several "dog refuelling stations" are available throughout the park for this purpose. The water in these is changed regularly by our staff.

Please dispose of your dog's droppings yourself! You can obtain free poo bins in the entrance area. If the dispenser is empty, please ask our ticket office staff.

For a little variety, we have set up a dog agility track around the large pond for our visiting dogs. Here your four-legged friend can complete exciting tasks and clear his nose. From slalom running to seesawing to climbing, there is a lot to experience and try out here. The agility elements are designed for dogs of all sizes and at different levels of difficulty. In order to avoid injuries, we ask you to carefully assess which agility elements are suitable for your dog.

We hope you enjoy trying it out!

Another tip for clever foxes!

A dog annual ticket only costs €20. However, if you decide to become a member of the Tierparkvereinigung Neumünster e.V. , then your dog will have free entry!