Barbecue areas for a nice break

Ideal for your outdoor picnic

The zoo offers three places for grilling and picnicking to its visitors.

Rental of our barbecue areas costs €15.00 per barbecue area. A barbecue area is included for free when children's birthday parties and zoo school tours were booked.

However, due to high demand, we recommend that you reserve your desired date early.

Our contact details:

Phone: +49 4321 51402, E-Mail: 

Our small barbecue area is located near the seal enclosure, in the direction of the monkey house. It offers space for around 20 people. There are two brick grills including grates and seats, as well as a great swing so that the children can pass the time until dinner.

Our large barbecue area is located behind the Barbary macaque enclosure, near the bison. It offers space for up to 50 people. There are three brick grills including grates, seating and a play and climbing area for the children.

Our barbecue area at the lake pavilion is located at the large pond, near the Geest farm. It offers space for up to 30 people. There are three brick barbecues including grates, seating and the Geest farm with the petting zoo is in the immediate vicinity.

All barbecue areas are equipped with covered areas, so that nothing stands in the way of a cozy barbecue even in good Schleswig-Holstein weather.

Please take note of the following guidelines!

You are not allowed to bring your own grill.

You must bring your own charcoal and any barbecue utensils.

The grill areas must be properly extinguished after grilling. Buckets filled with water are available at the barbecue areas.

The zoo opening times must be adhered to. The zoo closes half an hour after the ticket office closes.

Please dispose of your rubbish in the rubbish bins provided.

The zoo team wishes you bon appetite!

Small barbecue area

Sea Pavilion

Large barbecue area

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