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The conservation-€uro is a voluntary, earmarked donation of €1, which can be paid by adults when entering the zoo. In this way, visitors can actively support Neumünster Zoo in its valuable species conservation work.

If you do not wish to make this contribution, please inform the ticket office staff before paying.

The funds acquired in this way are earmarked for a specific purpose and are channelled 100% into a number of nature and species conservation projects selected by Neumünster Zoo.

At this point, we would like to introduce you to the projects that we will be significantly supporting in 2022 with the help of your earmarked conservation-€uro donations.

We will also keep you informed about all projects and the use of the funds here in future.

Sphenisco – Schutz des Humboldt-Pinguin e.V.


Sphenisco was founded in Landau in 2008. Neumünster Zoo has been an institutional member of the organisation for many years and every year they jointly celebrate World Penguin Day to draw attention to the problems of the Humboldt penguin population in the wild. We are delighted to be able to support "Sphenisco" even more intensively in its important work in the future.


WWF Rumänien – Wisent Auswilderungs-Projekt


Neumünster Zoo has been supporting WWF Romania's bison reintroduction project since 2016 and has so far been able to reintroduce a total of four bison offspring from the Neumünster herd to the Romanian Carpathian Mountains. We are looking forward to releasing more bison from Neumünster back into the wild soon with the support of WWF Romania.


ZGAP – „Save the wild Chinchilla”


Neumünster Zoo has been an institutional member of the Zoological Society for Species and Population Conservation since 2019. The ZGAP campaigns for highly endangered animal species that hardly have a public lobby. This includes the long-tailed chinchilla. Due to heavy hunting for the fur trade and the loss of quality of the natural habitat, the wild population has plummeted. The "Save the wild chinchilla" project is committed to the renaturalisation of the habitat and carries out valuable public relations work on site.


ZGAP – Zootier des Jahres 2022


Every year, the ZGAP and its partners nominate the "Zoo Animal of the Year". The joint funds raised are used for conservation projects for a local animal species/species group.

This year, the announcement of the Zoo Animal of the Year will take place on 26 January at Landau Zoo. We are very pleased that we are able to participate in this important species protection campaign for the first time thanks to the financial opportunities provided by the Species Protection Euro.


Naturhelden SH e.V.


Nature conservation on our own doorstep is also important to us! Since the Neumünster-based association "Naturhelden SH e.V." was founded in December 2019, the zoo has been supporting it with the help of various joint campaigns. So far, the focus topic has been "wild insect protection", and from 2022 "forest" will be added as a further topic. Joint commitment to the Neumünster environment.


Wildinsekten-Projekt des Tierparks Neumünster


Neumünster Zoo has been running its own extensive wild insect project since 2016. The design of the park's own flowering areas is just as much a part of the concept as the creation of additional habitats through the construction of Benjes hedges. The "Development Concept 2035" also attaches great importance to the further development of this project in order to offer native wild insects an even better habitat.


Polar Bear International


Climate change and climate protection are two of the most important issues of our time. In future, we would like to significantly support the organisation "Polar Bear International" in its essential work in the fight against climate change and to preserve one of the most important habitats on our planet, the Arctic.


„Proyecto Tití“ – Schutzprojekt zum Erhalt der Lisztaffen


Due to massive habitat loss, liszt monkeys are among the most endangered marmosets in existence. The project based in Colombia makes an enormously important contribution to the protection of the natural habitat of the liszt monkeys and does tremendous public relations work. We look forward to supporting this project in the future.


Vogelschutz-Projekt des Tierparks Neumünster

It has been proven that around 1 million native wild birds die every year as a result of collisions with glass panes. As part of our "Development Concept 2035", Neumünster Zoo wants to become safer for native bird species. We operate a near-natural facility and also feel very committed to the native animals that live here. For this reason, all of the zoo's glass panes are to be fitted with bird protection film in future. We would also like to do more environmental education work on this important topic through our zoo school.

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